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Facebook is one of the most effective and far-reaching marketing and advertising platforms you could use for your brand or business today. As of January 2018, Facebook is closing in on 1.9 billion daily active users – meaning people who log into their accounts and actively interact with content during their time online. It’s an indisputable major player in online marketing, competing with Google Adwords to claim the #1 spot for the preferred marketing platform.

As the social media ruler, with the most daily active users and money spent on advertising, Facebook has clinched the top spot since the start of modern social media close to 12-years ago. The platform has come such a long way that users can use it for literally everything – selling old clothes and furniture, applying for jobs, or testing out Virtual Reality apps within Facebook’s own personal portal.

If you’re intent on leveraging this kind of social power when it comes to the marketing and sales of your business, you’re making a wise investment.

However, like most things technology, it can be hard to keep up with all of the trends, changing marketing parameters, algorithms, and other kinds of requirements if you want to get the most bang for your buck on Facebook. That’s why we’re providing Facebook page packages that cover everything from page likes to actual post likes, improving your standing online and with prospective consumers.